The Color Box

The automated color wheel is on hold. The Color Box will be better suited for manual tri color images than the color wheel.

It uses these three 100mm filters:

Kodak Dark Red #29 Wratten
Kodak Deep Blue #47 Wratten 
Kodak Deep Green #61 Wratten
Status January 25: In production.

Experimental Color Wheel

For our monochrome cameras we're working on a color wheel. This one is 3D printed plastic and 320mm in diameter. Using a color wheel should give much better color than a Bayer type color filter, but it is not suitable for moving objects.

It uses these three 100mm filters:

Kodak Dark Red #29 Wratten
Kodak Deep Blue #47 Wratten 
Kodak Deep Green #61 Wratten 
No yellow due to lack of software support, but yellow can be added later.


LargeSense Experimental Color Wheel


100+ years old technology

A Russian, Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, took tri color photos over 100 years ago using glass plates and a color wheel. It is interesting to go back in time and see his photos. See his photos at the Library of Congress.

Ėti︠u︡d golovki


Status May 2017

For now we're doing 3 colors manually, in the future we may build an auto color wheel, though there are difficulties with that so we're holding off for now.

Still life is straight forward, but it is possible to take images with people also if they can stay still.

Shy Pie in color:


Bike in color:


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