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Coming for 2018!

We are working on a "4x5 - 5x4 inch digital back".

Use it like a film camera

Lenses with an image circle for 4x5 inches should work fine. The sensor is a little larger than 4x5 film. Treat it like a monochrome film camera, with nearly unlimited film, and with the possibility to change the film type after shooting.

Being fat is lovely

People like to reminisce about medium format fat pixel digital backs. Fat pixels are sharp, have great tones and range. The LS45 pixels are beyond fat, they are humongous. Diffraction is not much of a worry with big pixels.

Join the Interest List

Join the list to purchase and or demo!
LS45: Expected USA price US$48,500

Infrared (IR) Support

Excellent support for IR and UV, since there is no blocking filter in the camera. 


  • 4x5 inch high sensitivity, large pixel digital sensor
  • 6.4 Mega Pixels - 6,380,000 pixels
  • 50 micron pixel size (these are very large)
  • Live view for easy focusing
  • WiFi for remote viewing and control
  • Movie mode with an optional 1280 x 720 crop. Up to 26 fps. Video output options TIFFs, DNGs, CinemaDNG, JPEGs, h.264
  • 16 bit AD; 16 bit files
  • No CFA, no AA and no micro lenses. This allows large movements without affecting edge image quality.
  • Output to DNG, TIFF and JPEG.
  • Media: CF or SD card slot, USB 3.1 external drive, internal SSD.
  • Tethered operation, by CAT5 cable or WiFi.
  • Dust - The sensor is large and can pick up dust. It is easy to remove the bellows and clean the sensor. Also a FFC frame can be taken before a photo session which works very well in removing most dust. The FFC frame is incorporated into the camera software.
  • All specifications subject to change

Suggested accessories:

  • Tablet or notebook for camera control and FFC
  • ND filters for shooting wide open since the digital sensor is much more sensitive than film
  • A sturdy tripod. 
  • Sensor cleaning tools. We recommend Eclipse fluid, PEC pads and a Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal blower. There is an external glass in front of the sensor glass so that if you damage the glass it can be replaced.

Mounting the LS45

8x10 cameras are the best option for the 4x5 inch LS45 digital back to allow full coverage.

Planned Compatibility at Launch

FIELD CAMERAS Svedovsky 8×10D will be fully compatible with a custom mounting plate. It should be ready by the camera launch. The cameras are affordable, solid and good looking. The camera will have a custom modification by Svedovsky to handle the additional weight of the digital sensor compared to film.

Colors available: natural wood, red mahogany and black



Bag bellows for wide angle on the Svedovsky 8×10W


Sinar P1, P2 and Sinar Norma: If parts are available the 8x10 Sinar system should allow mounting of the LS45 digital back.

Extra Mounting Options

Many people have expressed strong interest in mounting the LS45 on their own 4x5 camera. There are issues with it, such as possible cropping of the sensor, weight and infinity focusing. Though, we'll give it a try. Most likely a back for the camera, such as a film back, would be needed to construct a mount from.

Here are cameras that have been requested:

  • ArcaSwiss 4x5, Arca-Swiss Monolith 4x5; Arca Swiss Basic 1
  • Arca-Swiss Misura 4x5
  • Bergheil 9x12
  • Cambo 4x5
  • Cambo SC
  • Calumet CC400
  • Chamonix 045F-1; Chamonix 45H-1
  • Crown Graphic Graflex
  • Deardorff 4x5 and 8x10
  • Ebony SV-45U2
  • Graflex RB Super D (SLR)
  • Graflex Series D 4x5
  • Graflock Adapter for 4x5 or 8x10
  • Gottschalt DS-45
  • Horseman 450
  • Horseman 5x4
  • Horseman HD45
  • Horseman L
  • Intrepid 4x5
  • Korona 5x7
  • Linhof 4x5 Super Colur (Color); Linhof 4x5 supercolor
  • Linhof Master Technika Camera 4x5; Linhof Majster Technik, Vintage Linhoff Technica
  • Linhof Technika 3; Linhof technika 4x5
  • Linhof Technika camera (many submissions!)
  • Linhof Technikarden 4x5
  • Vintage Linhof Technika 5”x7”
  • Arca-Swiss Misura 4x5
  • Arca-Swiss Misura 4x5
  • Meridian 45A
  • MPP 5X4 Monorail
  • Phillips 4x5 (Horseman back)
  • Plaubel Peco III
  • Plaubel Peco Profia 4x5
  • Plaubel Profia
  • Polaroid 110B converted to 4X5
  • SINAR Norma 4x5 and 5x7
  • Sinar F2 4x5
  • Sinar P 4x5
  • Sinar P2 (With possible 8x10 change kit)
  • Sinar P2 --compatible; Sinar P2 4x5
  • Speed Graphic 4x5 Notes: mounting with custom back panel, around 5 MP with an opening of approximately 4.75 by 3.9 inches
  • Tachihara 4x5
  • Tokyo view 45c
  • Toyaview 4x5a
  • Toyo-View 45G / 45GII
  • Toyo 8X10 field camera
  • Toyo Field  ( Sakai special camera) 5 x7 inch
  • Toyo Field 45AII
  • TOYO VX125
  • Toyoview 4x5A; Toyo 45A
  • Universal 9x12 non-Linhof cut film folders
  • Wisner 4x5
  • Wista VX, 4x5, Wista 45 SP, Wista RF
  • Zone VI Tachihara field camera


How to buy the LS45

You may join our LS45 Interest List and our mailing list and we will update you when we're ready for taking orders. It expected that the camera should be ready for sale in the middle of 2017. For those who wish to demo the camera we will offer those by appointment in Santa Clara, CA, USA.



LS45-810-M Monochrome 4x5 inch digital back, one piece for 8x10 cameras

LS45-810-C Color 4x5 inch digital back, Bayer CFA, one piece for 8x10 cameras

LS45-2P-M Monochrome 4x5 inch digital back, two parts for 4x5 camera mounting

LS45-2P-C Color 4x5 inch digital back, Bayer CFA, twp parts for 4x5 camera mounting

LS45-GB-M Monochrome 4x5 inch digital back, two parts for 4x5 camera mounting a Graflok Back

LS45-GB-C Color 4x5 inch digital back, Bayer CFA, twp parts for 4x5 camera mounting a Graflok Back

C - color (standard Bayer CFA)
M - monochrome

LS45-ES  Enhanced Spectral

With enough demand we may offer a version that goes deeper into UV and IR. UV cutoff is currently near 320 nm. Special inquiry. Availability late 2018 to 2019.

Front Sensor Glass

The sensor has glass bonded to it. In front of that glass is another plate of glass which protects the sensor glass, called the Front Sensor Glass. The front sensor glass can be configured for visible light only, or to allow all light. It will be user replaceable.

During ordering the type of glass can be picked. Afterwards the glass can be changed but requires disassembly of the camera.

LS45-Glass-FB  Full band. Allows taking NIR or near UV images. Requires filters.

LS45-Glass-VB  Visible band pass. Blocks NIR and UV, allowing only visible light. The advantage is that every lens is ready without needing a filter. Schott BG38 is planned.


Size Matters

Sensor size is an important component of image quality. It brings out the "magical 3D quality" in images, and better tones.

LargeSense Sensor Size Compared to Other Cameras

LargeSense cameras have large pixels also.

Comparing relative pixel sizes of the iPhone X, FujiFilm GFX 50S and the Hasselblad X1d-50c with LargeSense cameras.


iPhone X 1.4 micron
FujiFilm GFX 50S 5.3 micron
Hasselblad X1d-50c 5.3 micron
LargeSense LS45 50 micron
LargeSense LS911 75 micron

A Portable Solution

The LS45 and Svedovsk 8x10D camera, along with accessories will fit into a large backpack, making it a portable large format digital solution.

STATUS: January 2018

The first sensor is expected by the end of February 2018.

STATUS: October 2017

A prototype 4x5 sensor should be with us by Jan. 2018 and a digital back prototype will quickly follow. Then production units.

It was going to be a 5x5 sensor but that run into issues, so we're getting a 4x5 sensor. The 4x5 sensor has advantages of true 16 bit AD. Base ISO is expected to be around 2,000 for monochrome, and there should be several higher ISOs offered. 12.5 stops of DR.

The name was LS55 and now will be LS45.

We received a sensor to help us work on our hardware. It is a non working unit to help design our bodies. In January the actual working sensor should arrive.

LS45 Dummy Sensor