Edward Weston took a famous photo of a Pepper in 1930, titled Pepper No. 30.

I tried to take a similar image. The local stores don't have oddly shaped sensual peppers, so I had to do with a modern pepper. Then I didn't have a large funnel so I used a tapered horn from my antique record player. And it has been cloudy lately so I used flash and f/90.

It is not as good as Westen's pepper 30, but at least it was fun. I should have used softer light and such but well it shows what the camera can do. Pepper #1 was a red pepper but it kept falling out of the horn and got bruised so I used Pepper #2 which was a yellow pepper. Pepper #2 fell out once so I called it #2b when I took this photo.

The photo is edited. The stem is sharpened and I changed curves. People ask for out of the camera images, click here for an out of the camera image. The camera takes user made curves so out of the camera is with personally applied curves.

Also here is a tri color image that shows the LS911 doing well with green and red colors. A canon camera taking with the same setup had less accurate color. This is the red pepper #1 before getting bruised. Schott BG38 filter glass. BG38 corrects better than other glass.

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