Just a few sample photos from the LS911.The bike photos were shot in afternoon sun for more contrast. Looking at the parts of the bike that are in focus have a nice solid 3D look.

Taking color photos involves taking 3 separate images with red, green and blue color filters in front. The camera software combines them. Tri color needs about two extra stops of light compared to monochrome. The bikes might have been shot at f/64 or f/90. You don't get a lot of DOF close up. Used Schott B38 filter glass for every shot.

Most every shot is at 1/26 s using the electronic shutter. While a mechanical shutter could be used it is not as easy as the built in electronic shutter so the mechanical would only be used when really needed.

There is an Egyptian themed park near the LargeSense office, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Park in San Jose. One issue with tri color is movement. In the shot when the palm trees moved in the wind the shadows would be colorful. The water in the fountain shows movement from the wind. I'll go back there to get more photos in the future. Used the test camera stand while waiting for the production camera stand.

Lens: Schneider Kreuznach G-Claron 9/305

I see people asking for full sized images. You may click any of these images to get the full sized low compression JPEG. People also ask for original out of the camera images. The LS911 allows you to keep your own set of Photoshop action curves that it applies to the linear capture. Typically I select a curve that appears to match the scene.

Mobile camera setup with a prototype camera stand. The camera stand has wheels and is easier to move than a tripod.

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