Here's some lenses we're using to test LargeSense large format digital cameras.

Fujinon SF 1:5.6 / 250 mm

Schneider Kreuznach G-Claron 9/305

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Tessar 4.5/ 250 mm

Kodak Aero Ektar 7 Inch F2.5 178mm Lens

Kodak Anastigmat 21 inch f/10 Lens

Bausch & Lomb Extra Rapid Symmetrical 8x10 (about 250mm)

Crown Optical Co. 12" f8 Petzval Barrel Lens

I'm not seeing swirly blur from this lens, but I need to take more photos.

8 inch long A T Thompson, Boston Magic Lantern Lens (Darlot France)

4.75 inch long A T Thompson, Boston Magic Lantern Lens (Darlot France)

Rodenstock Brass Triplexstigmat 16.5 inch F7.7

Schneider SYMMAR 300mm f/5.6/500mm f/12 Convertible

Taylor-Hobson Cooke 8.25 inch 4.5 Series II Aviar Lens

500mm Wollaston Meniscus lens

Buhl 7" (177.8mm) F2.5 Lens

SOM HERMAGIS Objetif cinema F=170MM Projection lens


Lenses to get later list:

200mm f/2.5 Buhl lens
420 Imagon lens
420mm Heliar
Beseler series iii 18" (450mm) f/3.6
Cooke Aviar 320mm
Cooke ps945
Dallmeyer 3a
Dallmeyer 3b
Dallmeyer Perfac lens
Gundlach Radar
Kodak Aero-Ektar 12 inches f2.5
Kodak portrait 305mm f/4.5
Kodak portrait lens 405mm
Lerebours and Secretan Petzval Portrait lens
Petzval 450 mm
Voigtlander 16.5in
Zeiss, Carl Jena, 1200mm

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Bill Charbonnet

Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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