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The Beginning of Large Format Digital Photography

The LargeSense LS911 is Ready for Sale / Demo

LS911 Features:

  • The first single shot large format digital back camera for sale
  • 8x10 (10x8) Inch high sensitivity, large pixel (fat pixel) digital sensor
  • CMOS and single shot sensor
  • Live view for easy focusing. No more ground glass!
  • WiFi for remote viewing and control
  • Large format 4k movie mode
  • Video through large format lenses, such as Petzval! Plus all kinds of tilting and shifting
  • Sheet film work flow is slow. Worried about getting the shot? Try taking 24 shots a second, and not letting up! (with fast external drive connection)
  • Shuttered and non-shuttered operation
  • Memory card and external hard drive support
  • Mirrorless - being a mirrorless camera is popular now
  • It can also be called an 8x10 (or 10x8) digital back.


Lenses used in testing
Lenses to get later list: 200mm f/2.5 Buhl lens 420 Imagon lens 420mm Heliar Beseler series iii 18" (450mm) f/3.6 Cooke Aviar 320mm Cooke ps945 Dallm…

Category: Tests
Tags : lenses, testing
Aug 22, 2014
Vanessa Outdoors
Model: Vanessa A Leigh Camera: LargeSense LS911 Pre Production Camera Large format digital camera (single shot sensor, size bigger than 8x10 / 10x8 i…

Category: New Photos
Tags : outdoors, tilt, swing
Aug 14, 2014
Tilt and Swing Example
I got outside before sunset to test some lenses with tilt and swing. Here's one photo from then. The lens failed to cover the whole sensor. I have a U…

Category: Tests
Aug 13, 2014
LargeSense goes into the forest!
Alyson framed by trees of various distances I forgot to bring the power supply for my flash, so I under exposed to get the sky and leaves darker. T…

Category: New Photos
Tags : creek, sun, outdoors
Aug 08, 2014
Soft Focus Portrait Close Up
It is hard to focus up close when people can't stay still, though she did well! This was a focus test and then after it I asked her to pose, but it lo…

Category: New Photos
Aug 04, 2014
Alyson in the Studio
Some photos with Alyson in the studio. All a bit underexposed. Paul Buff Einstein flash with a little reflection for fill. (Feb. 20th, 2015  So…

Category: New Photos
Tags : Studio
Jul 31, 2014
Steam Punk Photos
I went to a Steampunk themed group shoot with a pre prototype LS911 camera. Models: Nina Martina and Kory Doyle. Kory made his own "gun" used in the …

Category: New Photos
Jul 28, 2014
LSX88 The 2 GigaPixel Giga Monster The mostest amazing camera ever! Coming years and years from now... We considering a high resolution single shot…

Tags :
Jul 23, 2014

Tags :
Jul 23, 2014
Compliance California Proposition 65 Warning: LargeSense cameras and other products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cance…

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Jul 23, 2014
First Photo, Photo of a Cup
On July 20 the test box 8x10 camera was working! I got this photo of a cup. Inspired by Ken Lee.  I would have never have though…

Category: New Photos
Tags : minimal, cup
Jul 20, 2014
What is in a name
What is in a name? A lot actually. We were first MagnaCamera, but now we have decided to be LargeSense. It is important to have a name all your own. W…

Category: Business News
May 29, 2014
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