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Svedovsky 8x10D Camera

This is a sturdy little 8x10 camera from Svedovsky in Poland for the LS55 digital back. It has been modified to hold extra weight since the digital back is heavier than a film back. In the USA it can be sold with the LS55 digital back as a complete set, or ordered directly from Svedovsky in Poland.

Colors available: natural wood, red mahogany and black

Lensboard: Sinar type 140 x 140 mm
Bellows extension: 120 – 400 mm

Front Movements
Rise: 87 mm
Fall: 47 mm
Shift: +/- 60 mm
Swing: +/- 70°
Tilt: backwards/forwards limited by bellows

Rear Movements

Custom back for LS55 mounting


  • Bag bellows for wide angle on the Svedovsky 8×10D
  • Ground glass back to accept film

A Portable Solution

The LS55 and SVedovsk 8x10D camera, along with accessories will fit into a large backpack, making it a portable large format digital solution. You will need to carry a tripod also.