LS911 photo of coffee cup

LS44 The 400 MegaPixel Monster

The most amazing camera ever!

Coming years and years from now...

We considering a high resolution digital back which will be just what everyone has been asking for, and more! But it will be expensive, and it is years and years away. If you are interested you may join the mailing list, contact us or just check back in a few years on the progress. When we get close to possible production, if that day ever comes, we will announce it. All of the digital backs will be custom ordered and we will only start if there is enough demand.

  • 4x4 inch ultra low noise digital sensor
  • Very high number of mega pixels
  • Small pixels with low noise
  • Quick readout for easy focusing with live view
  • WiFi for remote viewing and control
  • Output to DNG, TIFF and JPEG.
  • Media: CF and SD card slots.
  • Tethered operation, by CAT5 cable or WiFi.
  • There will be quick sensor reading, but too slow for video.
  • All specifications subject to change

Mountable on just about any existing 4x5 camera, such as a Grafloc Back, though it is far from certain at this point. We will custom mount it to most popular cameras. If you are interested please send us a message, but it is years away. And expensive.

LS44 200MP 4x4 Concept Image


LS44-M Monochrome 4x4 inch digital camera

LS44-C Color 44 inch digital camera - Available after the monochrome version if there is enough demand.

C - color
M - monochrome