Svedovsky 8x10D Camera

This is a sturdy little 8x10 camera from Svedovsky in Poland for the LS45 digital back. It has been modified to hold extra weight since the digital back is heavier than a film back. In the USA it can be sold with the LS45 digital back as a complete set, or ordered directly from Svedovsky in Poland.

The Svedovsky allows full frame coverage of the LS45. Actual 4x5 cameras may not cover the whole frame as 4x5 cameras tend to cover a smaller area. And the LS45 sensor is a bit bigger than 4x5 inch.

Colors available: natural wood, red mahogany and black

Lensboard: Sinar type 140 x 140 mm
Bellows extension: 120 – 400 mm

Front Movements
Rise: 87 mm
Fall: 47 mm
Shift: +/- 60 mm
Swing: +/- 70°
Tilt: backwards/forwards limited by bellows

Rear Movements

You can provide some rear movements by tilting the camera on a tripod.

Custom back for LS45 mounting


  • Bag bellows for wide angle on the Svedovsky 8×10D
  • Ground glass back to accept film

A Portable Solution

The LS55 and SVedovsk 8x10D camera, along with accessories will fit into a large backpack, making it a portable large format digital solution. You will need to carry a tripod also.