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Corrie J George Hurrell Hollywood Style

Inspired to take George Hurrell Classic Hollywood inspired photos, showing the effect that large format can have to make that "look".
Corrie was a good sport. Once again I tried to take George Hurrell type photos, and hopefully I got closer this time. The point is to show the effect that a large format digital s…

iPhone 6 Pixel Size

iPhone 6 Pixel Size
I just saw the news from Apple's media event that the new iPhone 6 will have 1.5 micron pixels. Here's a quick diagram showing the relative size of the iPhone pixel compared to a …

Kamila Studio Photos

Kamila from Prague studio photos taken with a LargeSense large format digital camera.
Kamila from Prague dropped by Santa Clara yesterday for some studio photos. I used three different lenses and I forgot which lenses were used for which photo. My lenses are all a …